The Manual of  Laser Engraving

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We recommand two kinds of laser engraving software.

1.Dragonfly - Developed by MULTOO

2.Inkscape - We will provide relevant plugins

The Manual of Dragonfly

It's easy to use, supports Windows/Linux system.

Image Engraving

For example, you need to have a picture,its format is jpg/jpeg/png and so on, now you shall transfer it to24-bit bmp picture first.

Windows has photo editing function, you can transfer pictures as below:

Right mouse button to open the mouse menu.


-->choose‘Save as’ BMP

Then it'll be saved as 24-bit bmp picture automatically.

Then please open ‘Dragonfly.exe’ and open that bmp picture in software.

Please open ‘Help’ in menu, which is specific introduction for functions.

Do some simple settings, you can export the file.

You can click ‘Save code’ to export engraving file.

If you want to save picture, please click ‘Save bmp’, then it'll beas 8-bit picture, convenient for next carving.

Note that the coordinates of the lower left corner of the picture are (0,0).

Characters Engraving

Please input some words here. And click ‘Font setting’ to choose font style.

Then set a certain value for speed and focus diameter. We recommend setting it to 0.1.

Finally, click ‘Save code’ or ‘Save bmp’.

Note that the coordinates of the lower left corner of the Characters are(0,0)

The Manual of Inkscape

Please click to download software and complete installation.

Add plugin

For example, my installation directory is D:\Program Files\Inkscape

Then please copy 4 plugins(in the file of laserengraver) to below directory:


Now you can use Inkscape software formally.


Please open software, the menu,

File--> Document Properties, setting values as below.

Then close above window, slide mouse when pushing down ‘Ctrl’ button, so as to zoom view.


Click below Icon to input characters.


Click below Icon and then click characters.


You must select this string to proceed with the next step. The selected state will display a few stretch arrows.


Please click Path--> Object to Path

You shall create a folder first, for example, we create a folder named ‘Inkscape Output’ in Disk F.

Then please type the path into Preferences --> Directory as below.


Please set a value for speed, then click ‘Apply’.

After a while, the engraving file will be saved in ‘InkscapeOutput’ folder.


TheManual of Engraving

Please copy engraving file to SD card, then insert MT1.5.


Please operate LCD controller, and choose

Prepare--> Laser Engraving Mode-->Focal Settings -> Home Z


Focal Settings -> Move Z, set 80.

Find a piece of paper, put it on printing plate, then Turn on Laser,

Rotating laser lens. The smaller the focus, the better.

After,Turn off Laser


Take a ruler to measure the height.

Set the Focal Settings on the screen to this value. May be it is 94mm.

And you can Save distance.

Return to previous menu.


Now we put a carboard or wood on plate. Use a ruler to measure its height.

And set Object height to this value.

Then Set base point

The lower left corner of the pattern is the starting point.


Engrave from SD card select file to carve. Starting.

Hope you will enjoy Laser Engraving very much!  :)

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