Firmware 1101

Issuing time:2017-07-06 11:06
Firmware 1.101
Check your printer firmware version: Main menu -> Prepare -> About us

Firmware compatible with MT1.5, MT1.5 Pro.
But you see two file names in the download list. They are 'mt1.101.hex' and 'mt1.101 high temperature.hex' respectively. Well, if you buy a printer heater block that is aluminum block, then you should use 'mt1.101.hex'. If the heater block of the printer is copper block. Then you should use 'mt1.101 high temperature.hex'.
After updating, please restore the default action.
Main menu -> Prepare -> Reset Default

New updates,
1. Menu 'Main menu -> Prepare -> Size Settings' changes to menu 'Main menu -> Prepare -> Machine Settings'.
Thank our customers for their feedback. With customer feedback, the single nozzle can be in the correct position after the execution of the G28. But for double nozzles, it is not.
We add one option named 'X Offset'. Its position is 'Main menu -> Prepare -> Machine Settings -> X Offset'. This function is mainly for the MT1.5 Pro.
When you set the value greater than 0, the X axis moves right the value after to zero. When the single nozzle work, do not perform this action.
The laser mode does not perform this action.
I suggest you set the 'X Offset' to the maximum, try it first, and then execute the G28 command, and you'll see.
Remember to save after setting.
Main menu -> Prepare -> Machine Settings -> X Offset
Main menu -> Prepare -> Machine Settings -> Confirm Settings
The left extruder of the dual nozzle is not in the correct position, so setting this value can correct the position of the left extruder.
2. Changed the action of G28.
Customers who purchase MT1.5 Pro need to update this version of the firmware.
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