Firmware 1.105

Issuing time:2017-09-06 16:58

Firmware 1.105

Upgrade notes
1. modify part of the code instructions. Easy to use.
The command for laser engraving starts from G1000 to M2206
Please use the latest version of Dragenfly
For other commands, see the command instructions

2. When you print the model using the serial port, the main menu of the screen changes to the print menu.

3. GSwitcher Please use the latest version. For Makerbot Desktop conversion, add a few commands.
These instructions are intended to distinguish between the inner and outer rings of the print model. When used to start printing the outer ring model, it will make printing more gentle. When printing the inner ring and filling, keep the speed faster.

4. Fix the settings for z offset.

5. When the default settings are restored, the option values in Machine Settings are no longer reset.

6. Add an option Main menu -> Prepare -> Machine Settings -> Y-outer-Acc
This is the acceleration used when printing the outer ring, not the default print acceleration.
Of course this value currently only supports Makerbot Desktop printing. For Simplify3D and Cura, it will be supported in the near future.

In particular,
This version of the firmware, you need to use the latest version of GSwitcher and Dragenfly. Please know.
Please download these files in the download list.

In addition, the instruction description will be updated, please pay attention to update status.

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