Unified update firmware

Issuing time:2017-12-16 18:39

Now all have been upgraded to 1.2.21. If your printer firmware version is not this version, please upgrade to be able to use the latest printing features.

From this firmware version, we will begin to abandon the previous firmware version. Of course you can still download it on our website. Just we will not update.

The new firmware requires the latest version of GSwitcher and Dragenfly. Please know.

The current unified upgrade, so the firmware is downloaded in the form of compressed package. You also need to download GSwitcher and Dragenfly. Thank you for your support all the time.

mt1.2.21   firmware     Download

Tutorial to update the firmware    to See

The latest version of GSwitcher     Download

The latest version of Dragenfly      Download

Xloader    Download

ONE BY ONE feature video will be available soon. In fact, not difficult to use, when you use the latest firmware, I believe you will use it.

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