The good news is coming! ! ! !

Issuing time:2018-11-30 19:40

The good news is coming! ! ! !
MULTOO 3D has a new printer update.
The machine model is MT2X,
The print size is 500*500*500.
The Z-axis height can be customized. If the height of 500mm can't satisfy you, then we will make 600mm for you. 600mm is not enough, then we can do it 700mm, even 800mm.

MT2X main function of the product,
1. Automatic leveling
2. Continue printing
    a. Unexpected power failure, MT2X automatically saves the print data for the next print.
    b. Manually save the print data for the next boot to continue printing.
3. Single extruder printing.
4. Switch the extruder at any time.
5. Double extruder with printing.
6. Two-color printing.
    a. Normal two-color model printing.
    b. Double extruder alternate printing (any model can be printed in two colors).
7. ONE BY ONE mode
8. Parallel printing
9. Parallel mirror printing
10. Laser engraving

This product is sold worldwide. If you are unable to purchase, please contact us.

Welcome to consult and purchase.

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