Issuing time:2018-12-26 01:27

The main update is,

  1. Modeloutline printing is optimized and fixes some bugs.

  2. Poweroff function, optimize.

  3. Speedoperation is more stable.

  4. Mainlyupgraded some features of MT2X.

  5. Alloptimizations can be adapted to older machines.

  6. Alternateprinting of the twin extruder on MT2X will adapt to the old machine.This feature needs to be explained. The so-called two extrudersalternate printing, not to say that two extruders print twocomplementary models. Of course, it is also one of the meanings.However, what I am saying is that any single color model can beprinted as two colors. MT2X is currently supported. MT2 can also besupported. This feature will be applied in the next version.

Afterthe update is complete, proceed as follows,

Mainmenu-> Control-> Initialize EEPROM-> Initialize EEPROM

Thanksto the love of old users.

Ourcompany wishes everyone a happy Christmas and a happy new year.

Inaddition, if you feel that this version does not fit your machine,please let me know. Thanks for your support.  Email:

Also,if the old user wants to use the auto leveling function, please letme know. Upgrading and using auto leveling is not a hassle, you justneed to prepare to automatically level the BL-touch. Leave the restof the work to me and I will tell you how to upgrade.

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