Issuing time:2019-04-19 18:24


This firmware update is mainly for MT2X

Please check if your firmware version has been updated.

Update content:
1. Modify the algorithm of MT2X.
2. When the left extruder and the right extruder are not on the same horizontal line, the parallel mode will work first with the lower nozzle.
3. Fix some bugs.
4. The function of laser engraving is being modified. It is still compatible with all customers. If you don't use the laser engraving function. You do not need to update from to

After the update is complete,
Main menu -> Control -> Initialize EEPROM -> Initialize EEPROM

Note that after updating the firmware, you need to recalibrate the left and right extruders.

The video we actually shot will be transferred to Youtube. Please pay attention.
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