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Usersof MT2X can update. Users of MT2 do not need to update.

Here,thanks to the user Xbalu Ray, we are very grateful for timelyfeedback. Thanks again.

  1. Automaticleveling data will be saved unconditionally.


    1. Mainmenu - > Prepare - > Bed leveling, After the execution iscompleted, the automatic leveling data will be saved automatically.

    2. G29is added to the slicing software. Take simplify3d as an example,


Whenthe leveling process is completed, the leveling data will also besaved.

  1. Usethe habit of G29.


    1. Bothsides of the X axis should be adjusted to a horizontal line.

Lookat the "step4_Height_adjustment.mp4" video in thedocumentation.

Thispoint is very important. Parallel printing is related to it. Theinterval in standard mode is also related to it.

    1. Rememberto calibrate, the relevant values are as follows,


Ifthe nozzles of the two extruders are on a horizontal line, setE2-Z-OFFSET to 0.00.

    1. G29is not added to the slicing software.

Inthis case, you need to first to do ‘Bed leveling’.

Afterexecuting once, the slicing software will not need to add G29.However, when you find that the leveling data is no longer accurate,please execute ‘Bed leveling’ again.

Wedo not recommend this method. I still recommend the way you use itnow. For example, 2.4, see the following,

    1. G29is added to the slicing software. See 1.2

Inthis case, please ignore 2.3.

    1. G29depends on the value of probe-zoffset. It is the key to whether youcan print the first layer after auto-leveling. Please take thisvalue seriously.

  1. Fixthe bug that E2 first prints.

Thankyou again for your support. If you need any help, please contact usin time. We will do our best to help you.

Ifyou feel unsuitable after updating the firmware, please contact

Forusers of custom machines, please contact us to update the firmwarefor you.


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