Firmware 1.3.3

Issuing time:2020-03-08 23:50

firmware 1.3.3


file name

MT2X 500x500x800 400

= MT2X, print size is 500*500*800, high temperature

file name

MT2X 500x500x800 300

= MT2X, print size is 500*500*800, Standard temperature


1. add 'main menu -> multoo -> enable abl'

Automatic leveling can be turned off. Set up needs to be performed,

a. main menu-> multoo-> confirm settings

b. Restart the machine.

It is recommended not to turn this option off.

2. add 'main menu -> multoo -> fade height'

The meaning of this value is,

The data obtained by automatic leveling are based on the flatness of the platform. Assuming this value is 10, the upper surface of the model will be parallel to the X axis after the Z axis is raised to 10 mm, and no longer parallel to the platform.

In previous firmware versions, the default setting for this value was 10. Now setting options have been added to the menu.

3. When SD card printing is paused,

The motor will remain in position. And locked up.

In previous firmware versions, there was a timeout. When the timeout occurs, the motor is unlocked.


If you don't think it's necessary to update, you don't need to update.

Before updating, please do the following preparations,

Record the four values on the paper,

main menu-> multoo-> probe offset,

main menu-> multoo-> E2 offset to E1-> E2-X-Offset,

main menu-> multoo-> E2 offset to E1-> E2-Y-Offset,

main menu-> multoo-> E2 offset to E1-> E2-Z-Offset,

Then update.

After the update, proceed as follows,

1. main menu-> control-> initialize EEPROM-> initialize EEPROM

2. Reset the four values above.

3. main menu -> multoo -> enable abl   on,

4. restart machine

5. main menu -> prepare -> bed leveling


If you want to update any features, please send an email to

We will update the features for you according to the actual situation. thank you for your support.


Customers who purchase printers after November 11, 2019, please pay attention to choosing the correct firmware.


After November of the previous year, MT2X adjusted the motor drive pins. So, make a distinction.

In addition, if you upload the wrong firmware, don't worry, choose the correct firmware and upload it again.

Check if the firmware is correct, perform the operation,

main menu-> prepare-> home y.

main menu-> prepare-> home z.

If you find an error, press the restart button on the screen in time.

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